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Your Dashboard

The Dashboard is the central hub of the Teemii app, where you can manage and track your manga engagement comprehensively.

Manga Statistics


  • Total Mangas: Reflects the total number of manga series in your collection.
  • Total Chapters: Indicates the cumulative count of chapters from all your mangas.
  • Pages Read: Tracks the total number of pages you've read to date.


  • A curated showcase of mangas, randomly highlighted with cover art and synopses, inviting you to explore diverse narratives.

Recent Activity


  • Last Chapters: Direct access to the latest chapters added to your library.
  • Recently Added: The newest additions to your collection for quick discovery.
  • Recently Read: Your last read mangas, conveniently presented to resume your reading journey smoothly.

Reading Insights


  • What are you reading: A genre pie chart visualizing your recent reading trends.
  • Your Top Mangas: A list of your most-read mangas for easy continuation.
  • Your Top Artists: A tribute to the creatives behind your preferred manga stories.

Personalized Recommendations


  • Tailored manga suggestions derived from your reading habits, refreshed daily for new reading adventures.

Recommendations are dynamically generated based on your reading history and are updated following the completion of the daily system tasks.

Use the Dashboard to keep your manga collection well-organized and your reading experience personalized and engaging.