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The Teemii Front App functions as an all-in-one solution for curating your library and enjoying your manga. Optimized for modern web browsers, it allows you to manage or access your content from any computer.

Supported Browsers

Teemii support the most recent release versions of the following browsers:


The Home screen of the Teemii Front App is your launchpad into the manga universe, displaying recently added titles and enabling easy navigation to different media types. It features quick-access sections like the latest chapters, top mangas, and preferred genres, streamlining your reading journey.

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The Search page is a streamlined tool for expanding your manga library. It allows for effortless searching of new titles to discover and add to your collection. Simply enter a keyword into the search bar, and a list of related manga titles, along with their ratings and brief descriptions, will be presented for you to choose from.

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The Collection page is where your personal manga selections reside. It's organized to showcase your recently added series, the latest published chapters, and the top unread mangas in your library for easy access and continuous reading.

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The Activity page tracks and displays all recent actions, such as downloads and imports, within the app. It offers a clear view of job status, the duration of each activity, and the most recent updates for efficient management and review of your actions.

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The Settings page in the Teemii Front App is the central hub for personalization and system management. Users can adjust security settings, such as requiring a username and password for access, and toggle advanced features like chapter page enhancement and asset updates. This page also provides agent options for fine-tuning the behavior of metadata retrieval and agent authentication for integrating external APIs. Furthermore, users have the ability to exclude certain genres and select their language of preference for a customized reading experience. Additionally, tabs for accessing system information and viewing detailed logs are available, offering insights into the app's performance and activities.

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