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Settings & Preferences


The Preferences area is where you personalize and secure your Teemii experience, ensuring that your app is tailored just for you.

Security Settings

Enhance the security of your Teemii account with customizable login details.

  • Username & Password: Define your personal access credentials.
  • Authentication: Toggle the requirement for authentication when accessing Teemii.

Advanced Features

Optimize and enrich your manga visuals with advanced settings.

  • Waifu2x Path: Designate the path to the Waifu2x tool for image upscaling.
  • Image Magick Path: Set the path for Image Magick for chapter image conversion.
  • Chapter Page & Asset Enhancement: Activate enhancements for a superior visual experience of chapter pages and assets.

Agent Options

Customize how Teemii retrieves and manages external content.

  • Exclude Genres: Set genres to be excluded from search and recommendations.
  • Language Preference: Select the language for your app interface.

Agent Authentication

Link Teemii with external services to augment your manga metadata.

  • OpenAI API Key: Provide your OpenAI API key for integration.
  • Goodreads API Key: Enter your Goodreads API key for additional data access.

Remember to click 'Save' to apply your new settings.

System Tab

The System tab in Teemii's settings provides insights into the automated tasks that help manage your manga library efficiently.


Schedulers automate routine tasks within Teemii, ensuring your content is up-to-date and your experience is optimized.

  • mangaImportScheduler: Runs every 10 seconds to import manga data. (Work only if there is a pending manga to import)
  • chapterDownloadScheduler: Activates every 60 seconds to manage the downloading of manga chapters. (Work only if there is a pending chapter to download)
  • importCBXScheduler: Initiates every 11 seconds to handle the import of CBX files. (Work only if there is a pending manga file to import)
  • maintenanceScheduler: Executes every 11 minutes to perform regular app maintenance.
  • libraryUpdateScheduler: Operates hourly to update your library with any new changes.
  • computeReadingScheduler: Triggers every 2 minutes to update your reading progress.
  • computeSuggesterScheduler: Scheduled to run daily at 01:00 AM to generate reading suggestions.

Logs Tab

The Logs tab in the settings offers a detailed record of events and operations within the Teemii app, providing transparency and aiding in troubleshooting.

Log Entries

Each log entry provides valuable information such as the timestamp of the event, the level of importance, and a message describing the action or occurrence.

  • Timestamp: The exact date and time when the event was logged.
  • Level: Indicates the severity or type of log entry, such as INFO, WARN, or ERROR.
  • Message (msg): A brief description of the event or action taken by the application.

The log is a crucial tool to monitor the app's behavior and diagnose any issues that may arise during operation.

Understanding Log Levels

  • INFO: General information about app operations and state changes.
  • WARN: Warnings that indicate potential issues that don't prevent the app from running.
  • ERROR: Critical issues that may require immediate attention or intervention.

By reviewing the Logs tab, you can ensure that Teemii is running smoothly and address any problems that might affect your reading experience.