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Your Collection is where your personal manga library lives within the Teemii app. It's a showcase of your tastes, preferences, and reading history.


The Recommended tab within your Collection is a personalized space curated to reflect your unique manga preferences.

  • Recently Added: Discover the latest additions to your collection, allowing you to keep track of new finds.
  • Recently Published: Stay updated with the most recent releases from your favorite manga or explore new titles.
  • Top Mangas in Your Favorite Genre: Explore a selection of top-rated mangas in your preferred genre, ensuring you're always engaged with the stories you love most.
  • Top Unread Mangas: Unearth hidden gems in your collection that you haven't read yet, prompting you to explore different narratives.

The Recommended tab is designed to ensure you always have something exciting and tailored to read, right at your fingertips.

Library Tab


The Library tab in your Collection is a personalized catalog of your manga, equipped with filtering tools to customize your browsing experience.

Advanced Filters

  • Genres: Filter your collection by specific genres to match your mood or interest.
  • Demographics: Narrow down the list based on the target demographic, such as shounen, seinen, etc.
  • Publishing Years: Use the slider to select a range of publication years, focusing on the latest titles or classic ones.
  • Score: Adjust the slider to filter mangas based on their ratings, helping you to choose from the highest-rated mangas.

Search and Sort

  • Search Filter: Quickly find mangas in your collection using keywords for the title, author, or tags.
  • Sorting: Organize your library by the canonical title or other available criteria, in ascending or descending order.

The Library tab is your go-to place for managing and accessing the mangas you've gathered, with intuitive filters and search capabilities that make finding your next read an effortless pleasure.