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Starting Your Collection

Teemii offers 2 main features for adding manga to your collection:

  • Search Online: Allows you to search for the title you want from a multitude of sources.
  • Import: Allows you to import your own manga in CBR or CBZ format (experimental feature).

Accessing the Search Online Feature


  1. Navigate to Search
  2. If this is your first time adding a manga You will see a message indicating that your collection is empty, accompanied by a Search a manga button.
  3. Click on this button to proceed to the search functionality.


You can also access the search module by clicking Search on the SideBar menu

Searching for Manga

  1. Perform a Search
  2. With the search interface open, input the title or related keywords of the manga you are interested in.

Adding Manga to Your Collection

  1. Add to Your Collection
  2. Upon finding your desired manga, click on the cover and use the available Add button to include it in your collection.

Importing an existing manga

In addition to searching online, Teemii offers an import feature that allows you to add manga files directly from your device. This section guides you through importing manga in .cbr or .cbz formats.


  1. Navigate to Search On the search page, you will find two tabs at the top: Search Online and Import. Click on the Import tab to access the import functionality.

  2. Choose Manga Files Once you're on the Import page, you will be prompted to select the .cbr or .cbz manga files from your device. You can typically do this by clicking a button to open a file selector dialog.

Once you have chosen the file to import, Teemii will automatically recognise the manga. Check that it matches the title you want to import. If it doesn't, click on the manga cover and run a search to find the correct title.

  1. Upload and Add to Collection After selecting the files, the application will begin the upload process. Wait for the upload to complete, after which the manga will automatically be added to your collection.